I love 90210 and if you do, too, feel free to follow :]
I'm gonna be posting pictures of all the cast mates. ♥

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FIRST GIF EVER, i’d love feedback. <3
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I need your help!

I am editing and posting more lately yay!

Therefore it would be helpful to know, who are your favorite actors / ships / friendships etc… send me a message with what you want edits of!

Thank you! xoxo

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"I would love to see Ethan again. I would love to see Dustin Milligan from the first season, who’s a great friend still. That was the most shocking, the most abrupt ending. His character was so important to us that we all, as a cast, tried to convince the writers to figure out a way to bring him back. That would be my choice."
Jessica Stroup
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