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I know I’ve been inactive lately, but..

LANNIE ALERT! OMG. Liam & Annie are my ultimate OTP & I’m so happy the shared this really cute scene today.. when he said “Annie?” and she walked away MY HEART MELTED. Good to know there’s more coming and i think they might get back together, but i don’t know. THIS IS JUST HOPING. Season 4 has been such a torture for me as a Lannie shipper, but this scene is actually fine, I already loved those tiny moments they shared in 5x01 & I AM SO GLAD THEY LET THE IDEA OF SILVER & LIAM GO and they’re JUST friends. because that combination really was just awkward and yes i am aware of the fact annie & liam are just friends too but hey i’m positive there’ll be more again just looking at Matt’s twitter seeing “Lannie fans will have something to talk about”… THIS IS WHY I LOVE 90210. What do you guys say? haha I promise i’ll post more btw thanks for sticking with me & reading this. x

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chantallarue: I just wanted to say that I love your blog! 

aw thank you! :)

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